For the final club meeting of the year Helen & Aaron organised a range of activities and competitions for the attendees.
The evening started with the voting for the ‘Decorate a Bonsai tree’, where people were asked to bring a tree that they had decorated in a Christmas theme.

Our special raffle prize was a pot donated by Ian Gear when he judged at the Hamilton Annual Show.
Needless to say there was plenty of interest with (surely) a record number of tickets sold.

The main event of the evening was a teams based competition. Traditionally called a ‘Camel’ but with Helen’s unique spin on the rules.
Everyone was split into four groups of four, then the first person started with the first of four quiz’s.
Each quiz earnt that person more time working on the team’s tree, with a max of 5min. The progression of the tree’s varied with some groups doing massive cuts, and others choosing not to wire at all.

After all four people from the group had worked on the tree Helen asked the teams to nominate a team captain. The Team captain then had 2min to apply the ‘finishing touches’ to what was left of the teams tree.

The night was capped off with the prize giving from the competitions and some supper. Moya won the raffle, and ‘Team Naughty’ was voted the winning tree from the teams competition.
From everyone at the Hamilton Bonsai Club, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!