The club put on a very successful show over the weekend of the 18th and 19th with 460+ visitors coming in to enjoy the 128 trees on display and spend lots of money with our trader friends.

Despite the timing of the show meaning that even though some trees were not able to be shown as they were past their peak, we had a very high standard of trees on display. This was emphasized by Martin Walters and Scott Jania whilst doing the walk through of the awards on Sunday lunchtime.

The timing of the show so close to Christmas meant some club members were unable to attend but we were able to man the stand fully at all times, including having one person outside verifying vaccine passes for all visitors.

The winners of the awards judged by Scott Jania and Matrin Walters are:

First Place: Chamaecyparis

Second Place: Juniper

Third Place: Blue Atlas Cedar

Jeff Richards Memorial Trophy – Best NZ Native: Pohutukawa

Quintal Trophy – Best Small Goup

Merit Awards: Blue Cedar, Black Pine, Larch, Scots Pine, Shohin Set and 2 Needle Pine

Lane Award – The Peoples Choice: Maple