Well – what a fabulous day we had! Will arrived with Martin who brought all three of his dremels along (thank goodness).

Everyone was very keen to learn about carving but not knowing quite what to expect we all turned up with two or three trees in tow. Will
took one look at all the trees and asked everyone to choose only one tree to work on during the day. Once everyone had made their choice
and set themselves up Will did a 20 minute introductory session carving a single jin on a juniper of Les’s. He showed us which tool was needed for each part of the carving process.

Then he let us loose on our own trees. Will moved around the room working with each participant and tree. He is an excellent teacher,
showing, explaining, checking we know what to do then encouraging each of us to have a go.

Will finished the day with a short recap on the different dremel bits and what each one is useful for.
Thank you so much to Will. We all had a fantastic day – we all learned so much!