Ann started us on the Shohin Project in May last year. This was primarily to encourage us in the importance of record keeping – both written notes and photos, with the added bonus of having a nice Shohin tree as a result. Ann showed photos of many of the trees from the first session.

Each of us had brought the tree to show as it is today, producing the relevant notes and photos. The exercise certainly made clear the fragility of memory and the significance of record-keeping. Some trees were ready for pots, some needed further refinement, a couple had died.

In our last pot-making meeting some had made pots for these Shohin. Good tie-in.

Congratulations to those who had done the homework- keep it up!! And for those who had left tree or records at home, well………………….

The final “judging” will be made at the Hamilton Show in October where a print out of all notes and photos will be on display with the trees.