A fun two part afternoon with a large number of club members, including two brand new members and five from our current series of beginners classes.

Peter M gave a demonstration on how to create a Root over Rock bonsai and threw down a challenge to all the club. Everyone is to take photographs of the tree they were creating this afternoon and document its progress over the next three years – including before and after photos when any work is done on the tree. At the 2024 club show there will be a special area set aside for these trees and their accompanying documentation, A prize will be awarded for the best documentation.

After that it was time to get our hands dirty. The club provided each member present with a three year old Acer rubrum sapling for them to turn into a root over rock bonsai. Help was on hand for those who were a bit unsure and plenty of fun followed with a lot of pumice and scoria rocks having roots tied to them before being buried.

Roll on 2024