The September club meeting focused on a workshop for the Totora Formal upright project.
Everyone taking part in the project were asked to bring their Totara along to report, wire and prune.
There are some great looking trees starting to take shape.

Sandra also introduced the Quintal Trophy, to be presented at the 2018 Hamilton Bonsai Show.
The trophy is available for all members of our club, and is to honour Sandra’s long standing passion all things Shohin. It is also in remembrance of Gloria Quintal who also loved bonsai.

Rules for entry into the Quintal Trophy Competition.

  • To be presented at the Hamilton Bonsai Club Annual Show.
  • The trophy will be awarded for the best Small Bonsai Set.
  • Set: The set should comprise a minimum of 2 Bonsai and one other element. There should be a maximum of 9 Elements.
    The other elements could comprise Accent Plants, Viewing Stones, Scrolls, or Ornaments.
  • Height: The Bonsai should be a maximum of 20 cm in height measured from the rim of the pot. Bonsai that are slightly taller should be of equivalent visual weight to the 20 cm tall Bonsai.
  • Display: The Display is not limited to Bonsai on a Single Stand however the set of Small Bonsai should be displayed in a way that makes it clear that they are a set.