The monthly meeting saw a lively discussion on cascades and semi-cascades presided over by Les as well as discussions on the forthcoming digs, bonsai crawl, show and convention.

The crawl around three collections in Cambridge plus one in Morrinsville was a bit of an adventure. We started at Les and Melody’s with light rain, on to Louise’s where the thunder and lightning started and then to Lindsay’s through torrential rain and a heavy hailstorm! We finished up in the sunshine at Peter and Penni’s place in Morrinsville. Despite the weather we saw four great collections, very nice paintings and very imaginative pots as well as having a good old chinwag.

The Olive tree dig in Whakatane saw members from a number of clubs turn up in glorious weather to dig up old olive trees with trunks from 100mm diameter upwards. With over 2000 trees to choose from it took some time to find the right tree to dig up. Let’s hope we see some good olive trees at the national show in a few years time.