The first meeting of the year was a well attended event. Dianne gave an overview of the programme for the next few months. Joyce was called upon to go through the trees on the display table. This was followed by Sandra reminding members of the jobs they should be doing on their trees this month. After the break Peter gave an illustrated talk on Bonsai in the UK, highlighting the wide variety of species available over there.

The open day and Mame workshop at Sandra’s was well attended. Following on from the workshop Sandra gave a guided tour of her collection which included a photographic history of some of the trees on display. The pictures showed the importance of taking photos of your trees as you work on them to show how they have developed over the years (it also enables you to enter for Dianne’s Vision to Reality award).

The Penjing open day was quieter than the past few years as several of the clubs who normally visit have asked Dianne and Noel for a private tour. The highlight of the day was Dianne and Sandra attacking the Black Pine which overhangs the pond. Much to the disappointment of the spectators no-one fell in and the pine was given a new style.

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