A great weekend of bonsai fun with club member Brendon Covich of Kinben Bonsai. Club members and Brendon worked on over 30 trees during the sunny weekend.

As usual with these workshops, a number of trees fitted back into their owners cars much more easily than when they arrived!

There were a variety of trees being worked on, Chinese elms, totara, pines, cedar, pyracanthas, junipers, cotoneasters, white olives and yew to name a few. They ranged from raw field grown and nursery stock to previously styled trees in need of refinement or a change of direction.

Brendon put in a lot of effort with the newer members providing them with an insight into why he was making the styling choices with them on their material. More experienced members had lively and humerous discussions on the styling options provided.

Plenty of laughter and some great trees.

Thanks to Brendon for all his hard work and to Ann and Peter for their hospitality over the weekend.